Kevin Sinfield to step down as head coach of the England rugby union team following the summer tour.

Kevin Sinfield will step down as England defence coach following the summer tour to Japan and New Zealand. Sinfield has been serving as Steve Borthwick’s assistant since December 2022, but his tenure at Twickenham will conclude after 18 months. Prior to his departure, the esteemed Leeds rugby league player will assume responsibility for individual skills and collaborate with the kickers, having previously overseen the team’s defence.

“After the World Cup, Kevin, like every member of the management team, took some time for reflection,” stated Borthwick. “Kevin has decided that in the long run, he will pursue another path separate from the England rugby team. However, he will continue working with the team during the Six Nations and summer tour.”

When asked about Sinfield’s future plans, Borthwick replied, “Currently, Kevin has not shared that information with us. That question can be addressed to Kevin in due time. I am simply grateful for the immense value he has contributed over the past 12 months and for his commitment to stay with the team during the Six Nations and summer tour.”

Borthwick further emphasized Sinfield’s impact in the past year during the team’s reset phase, stating, “The significance of Kevin’s role and his contributions cannot be overstated. He has excelled in what he has done and has built valuable relationships. I have reassigned him to focus on skill development, particularly in catch-pass skills with the kickers and goalkickers, an area he excels in.”

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