Keir Starmer, along with Rishi Sunak, advocates for an enduring ceasefire in Gaza that is focused on sustainability.

“The only way this is going to be resolved” – the Labour leader, Keir Starmer, also emphasizes his support for a “two-stage solution”. Starmer, along with Rishi Sunak, calls for a sustainable ceasefire in Gaza, aligning with the shifting political rhetoric that no longer unconditionally supports Israel’s assault, following the lead of the United States and other countries.
Several senior Conservatives express even stronger opinions. Former defense secretary Ben Wallace warns that Israel’s “killing rage” could result in losing international support, and Alicia Kearns, chair of the Commons foreign affairs committee, believes that Israel has violated international humanitarian law.
Starmer underscores the need for a quick establishment of a sustainable ceasefire, starting with a pause in the fighting to release the remaining hostages captured by Hamas on October 7 and to allow aid into Gaza. He asserts that a political process is necessary, ultimately leading to a two-stage solution as the only resolution for the conflict.
The prime minister acknowledges Israel’s right to self-defense in response to Hamas’s attack on Israeli civilians, but stresses that it must act in accordance with humanitarian law. Sunak emphasizes the importance of a sustainable ceasefire, involving the release of hostages, cessation of rocket fire from Hamas into Israel, and continued provision of aid.
When asked about the meaning of a sustainable ceasefire, Sunak’s spokesperson clarifies that it does not imply an immediate halt to Israel’s assault on Gaza. Rather, they explain that it is crucial to establish the right conditions to ensure the longevity of the ceasefire.
Regarding Wallace’s comments in an article for the Daily Telegraph, the spokesperson expresses concern about the high number of civilian casualties in Gaza and the destruction of vital infrastructure, without dismissing the former defense secretary’s perspective.
In an assertive article, Wallace supports Israel’s right to self-defense but emphasizes that there are limits. He argues that while targeting Hamas is legitimate, obliterating vast areas of Gaza is not. He stresses the importance of using proportionate force and condemns collective punishment and forced displacement of civilians.
Wallace holds Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responsible for disregarding warnings about the Hamas attack, warning that resorting to a “killing rage” will not resolve the problem and may perpetuate the conflict for the next 50 years. Kearns supports this viewpoint, stating that Hamas is an ideology that cannot be eradicated by bombs and that a stable state cannot be constructed from destruction.

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