Jurors informed that the teenagers accused of the murder of Brianna Ghey acted as a collective unit in the crime.

Manchester crown court jury has commenced deliberations after being instructed that they do not need to ascertain the reason behind the killing of a 16-year-old.

Prior to beginning their deliberations, jurors were informed that two teenagers, who accuse each other for the “brutal” murder of Brianna Ghey in a park in Warrington, were involved in the crime collectively.

The 16-year-old was fatally stabbed 28 times in various parts of her body in Linear Park, Culcheth, a village near Warrington, Cheshire, on February 11th of this year.

A pair of teenagers, known as girl X and boy Y, have been on trial for her murder for over three weeks, with each of them blaming the other for the crime.

On Tuesday, the jury at Manchester crown court was cautioned against attempting to “seek a motive” for the murder.

In her closing argument, prosecutor KC Deanna Heer told the jurors: “You might find it difficult to comprehend how two children could exhibit such behavior. You may be tempted to look for an explanation as to why they acted as they did. After all, they are just children.

“However, in a criminal case, the prosecution is not required to establish the motive behind a crime, only that it has been committed. In cases of murder, in particular, we sometimes never discover the motive… Do not be tempted to speculate on why they would commit such an act.”

Heer informed the jury that they do not need to determine who actually stabbed Brianna in order to find both teenagers guilty of murder.

She stated that they might come to the conclusion that the boy was responsible for at least some of the stab wounds, utilizing a hunting knife that he had purchased for £13.50 during a skiing holiday six weeks before the killing. Brianna’s blood was discovered on his coat, shoes, and the knife, according to evidence presented to the court.

Meanwhile, girl X’s barrister, Richard Pratt KC, informed the jury that there is no trace of Brianna’s blood on her jacket or shoes. He also stated that there is no DNA evidence linking girl X to anything incriminating in the case.

However, Heer reminded the jury that a forensic scientist, Jane Roughley, had testified that it was “entirely possible” that girl X had stabbed Brianna at least once, either before or after her blood had started to flow.

The prosecutor also alleged that girl X may have used boy Y as her “hitman,” referring to a previous incident where she had called him a “Tesco John Wick,” a cheaper version of the character portrayed by Keanu Reeves in the Hollywood film series. “You may believe that she referred to boy Y in that manner because he was her hitman,” Heer stated.

Heer informed the jury that the two teenagers were the only suspects, emphasizing that “the evidence suggests that they both participated in Brianna’s murder in the following ways: firstly, they both encouraged each other to kill Brianna. Secondly, they both contributed to a plan to kill Brianna. Thirdly, they both played a part in executing the plan. And fourthly, after they had killed her, they both took steps to hide and disguise their guilt.”

She concluded by saying, “The evidence suggests that from start to finish, these two defendants were involved together.

The trial is ongoing.

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