Joe Biden indicates he is not inclined to endorse a trade agreement between the US and UK.

UK ministers had hoped to reach a “foundational trade partnership” before both countries go to the polls.

The ministers have abandoned plans to sign a trade agreement with the US before the next election, following indications from the Biden administration that they are not interested in such an agreement.

British officials were aiming to establish a “foundational trade partnership” before the upcoming elections, as they had already decided against pursuing a comprehensive free trade agreement.

However, sources familiar with the discussions reveal that the talks are no longer taking place due to the reluctance of senior Democrats to open US markets to more foreign-made goods. This information was initially reported by Politico.

A spokesperson for the British government stated: “The UK and US are rapidly expanding cooperation on a range of vital economic and trade issues, building on the Atlantic declaration announced earlier this year.” Nonetheless, multiple sources confirm that the foundational trade partnership is no longer being considered.

Supporters of the Vote Leave campaign claimed that one of the major benefits of Brexit would be the UK’s freedom to sign bilateral trade agreements with other countries, with a trade deal with the US being seen as the most significant achievement of all.

However, talks for a comprehensive free trade agreement stalled early on, partially due to resistance from Democratic members of Congress and concerns in the UK regarding the importation of chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-injected beef.

Earlier this year, The Guardian obtained documents outlining how Washington and London could cooperate on a partnership that covers digital trade, labor protections, and agriculture. Although this deal would not have included reduced barriers for service companies, it could have laid the foundation for a future free trade agreement.

Sources suggest that the deal was always expected to face challenges, partly because the US still sought increased access for their agricultural products. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak previously stated at a food security summit that neither chlorine-washed chicken nor hormone-injected beef would be permitted in the UK.

Recent weeks have also made it clear that the Biden administration is uninterested in signing any kind of deal before the election, given the way Donald Trump had utilized international trade agreements during his first presidential campaign.

A representative for Ron Wyden, the Democratic chair of the Senate finance committee, informed Politico that “Senator Wyden believes that the United States and United Kingdom should not make announcements until a deal that benefits Americans is achievable.”

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