James Bulger murderer Jon Venables’ request for release from prison is denied by the Parole Board.

According to the panel, it is currently not deemed safe to release the child killer due to concerns for public safety.
The Parole Board has rejected Jon Venables’ bid to be freed from prison.
Venables, now 41 years old, committed the brutal murder of two-year-old James Bulger in 1993.
On Wednesday, the Parole Board stated: “After considering the details of his crime, his progress during imprisonment and under supervision, as well as the evidence provided, the panel concluded that releasing him at this time would not ensure public safety.
The panel highlighted the aforementioned risks and expressed doubt regarding Venables’ willingness to be honest and forthcoming with professionals. They also emphasized the need for him to address unresolved risks and improve his relationship with his probation officer.”
This decision comes after several delays and a closed-door hearing that took place in mid-November.
Venables, along with Robert Thompson, was sentenced to prison at the age of 10 for abducting James from a shopping center in Bootle, Merseyside, in February 1993.
Venables was released on parole in July 2001 but was recalled to prison in February 2010 after child pornography was discovered on his computer. He was released again in August 2013 but was recalled once more in November 2017 for the same offense. His case was last reviewed by the parole board in September 2020.
A legal order has been in place for a long time to protect the identities of Venables and Thompson due to them being minors at the time of the murder. As a result, the Chair of the Parole Board of England and Wales, Caroline Corby, opted to hold the parole hearing in private, preventing James’s family from attending.

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