Ivor Levin’s top phone snapshot was a loud declaration of monochrome, with the snowy backdrop and the dark lines on the road.

Converting his wintry photograph to black and white was a straightforward choice for the Vancouver dentist.

“Snow is a rare occurrence in the city,” says Ivor Levin, who resides in Vancouver. “When it does happen, it simplifies the urban scenery, which I find ideal for capturing minimalist urban photography.”

Levin, a dentist who pursues photography as a hobby, noticed the geometric pattern of the car tracks in the snow while crossing a bridge on his way back from visiting a friend.

He explains, “The car tracks inspired me to set up my iPhone 13 Pro Max and frame the image properly. Then I patiently waited for someone to walk into the frame, creating a focal point and adding a sense of scale. Eventually, my wait paid off.”

Using his phone to capture the shot, he states, “It’s discreet, portable, and generally easier to use than a digital camera.” He then edited the image using the iPhone camera’s software and the Snapseed app.

“I prefer minimal editing, but it was an obvious choice to convert the photograph to black and white. With the snow covering everything and the dark lines on the roads from passing vehicles, the composition called for a monochromatic look.”

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