Israel’s highest court invalidates Netanyahu’s law aimed at restructuring the judiciary.

Court overturns law preventing judges from nullifying government decisions they consider unreasonable.
Israel’s highest court has invalidated a highly controversial law passed by the right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu, which curtailed some of the authority of the high court and sparked protests throughout the country.
The law was part of a broader judicial reform proposed by Netanyahu and his coalition of religious and nationalist allies, causing a deep divide in Israel and raising concerns among Western partners regarding the nation’s democratic principles.
The court’s ruling on Monday once again grabbed headlines in Israel, where news coverage has been dominated by the conflict since Hamas launched a deadly attack in southern Israel on October 7.
The new legislation under consideration had eliminated a portion, though not all, of the tools available to the supreme court for nullifying government and ministerial decisions. It specifically removed the court’s ability to void decisions that it deemed “unreasonable.”
According to the court, eight out of the fifteen justices voted in favor of overturning the law.
Netanyahu’s Likud party expressed disappointment over the decision, stating that it went against “the people’s desire for unity, especially during times of war.”
Opposition legislators lauded the ruling.
In a summary of its decision, the supreme court stated that the majority of judges voted to invalidate the law because of the severe harm it would inflict upon Israel’s democracy.

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