Is a Tory minister for unethical policies also necessary?

Now that the job of Robert Jenrick has been divided and we have a minister of state for legal migration and a minister of state for illegal migration, I am left wondering if Rishi Sunak also needs to appoint a minister for illegal plans to address legal migration, to assist his Rwanda safety bill?

John Russell

Liberal Democrat, House of Lords

The new migration package (Cleverly to announce salary threshold rise as part of new migration package, 4 December) demonstrates the lack of value the UK government places on family life. In another perspective, the new wage threshold of £38,700 indicates the earnings that should be received by care workers.

Ilga Chakrabarti

Kings Lynn, Norfolk

You described Mark Francois as “ebullient” (Once more unto the breach: how Rwanda bill unleashed ‘Brexit battles all over again, 12 December). Conversely, Marina Hyde referred to him as “a clown called Mark Francois” (It’s the Rishi Sunak twilight zone: a Brexit battle reenactment that never ends, 12 December). I side with Marina.

Mike Pender


How wonderful it is to see my former GP, the amazing Dr. Audrey Boucher, writing about French healthcare (Letters, 13 December). In her office, she had a framed cartoon that said: “My doctor didn’t believe in pre-menstrual tension, so I shot him.” Thank you, Dr. Boucher, for your care. Enjoy your retirement.

Penelope Horner

Whitchurch, Hampshire

Jonathan Freedland’s thoughtful and emotional piece (Israel wants to slay the monster next door, but with this lethal bombardment, it is feeding it, 8 December) reminds me of the commandment: “Love your enemy – you made him!”

Molly Ludlam


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