Iranian vocalist sentenced to three years in prison for singing about Mahsa Amini demonstrations.

Shervin Hajipour has been given a minimum of three years in jail for “inciting and provoking individuals to engage in rioting that disrupts national security.” The 26-year-old Iranian singer-songwriter penned and released Baraye during the widespread protests following the death of Mahsa Amini while in custody in September 2022. The song became an anthem for the protests, which were sparked by Amini’s arrest for allegedly violating Iran’s strict dress code. Alongside his three-year sentence, Hajipour also received an eight-month term for “propaganda against the regime.” The sentencing, issued on an unknown date, was disclosed by Hajipour himself on Instagram during Iran’s recent parliamentary elections. In Iranian legal terms, both sentences will run concurrently, resulting in a total of three years of imprisonment for Hajipour. Despite Friday’s election coverage dominating state-run media, there was no mention of Hajipour’s sentence, and the Iranian mission to the UN in New York has not responded to requests for comments.

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