International observers claim that the conditions in which Serbia’s elections took place were unfair.

Aleksandar Vučić’s populist ruling party claimed victory, but concerns have been raised about “serious irregularities” at polling stations in Serbia’s elections. International observers described the conditions as unjust and dominated by the involvement of the president and ruling party, leading to unfair conditions. They also highlighted issues such as harsh rhetoric, media bias, pressure on public sector employees, and misuse of public resources during the campaign. Serious irregularities, including vote-buying and ballot-box stuffing, were observed in polling places. The legitimacy of the Belgrade local election has been questioned by the opposition, with allegations of unfairness and irregularities. The independent Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA) stated that the election in the capital did not reflect the preferences of Belgrade residents due to significant irregularities at polling stations. Despite the allegations, Vučić and his party have denied any wrongdoing. The results indicated a weakening of far-right opposition parties and a significant victory for Vučić’s party nationally.

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