Individual handed minimum 16-year prison sentence for conspiring to carry out gun attack at Speakers’ Corner.

A dangerous extremist, Edward Little, was prevented from obtaining a gun for an attack on Christian preacher Hatun Tash in London. Little, a Muslim convert, had travelled from Brighton with £5,000 in cash. He was apprehended by armed police in September 2022, just moments before carrying out the attack.

The interception took place in south-east London and was captured on police body-worn video. Little pleaded guilty to preparing acts of terrorism and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 16 years.

According to Metropolitan police DCS Olly Wright, Little’s arrest was the result of a counter-terrorism investigation that disrupted his planned attack. Wright emphasized the danger posed by Little, stating that lives were saved by his arrest. Little had also considered a mass gun attack during the queen’s funeral.

Wright highlighted the importance of public support in preventing terrorist acts and encouraged individuals to report suspicious activity or concerns to the website.

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