ICC refuses permission for Usman Khawaja to don peace logo during Melbourne Test

Usman Khawaja’s attempt to draw attention to the difficult situation of the people in Gaza by displaying a message of peace on his cricket equipment during a Test match has been denied by the International Cricket Council (ICC). During training at the MCG nets on Christmas Eve, Khawaja was photographed with a dove holding an olive branch symbolizing peace on the back of his bat and on his right shoe. One of the images appeared to reference Article 1 of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, emphasizing the equality and dignity of all human beings. Khawaja sought permission from the ICC to display these images during the Boxing Day Test against Pakistan after consulting with Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers’ Association. However, the ICC refused the application, stating that personal messages are not allowed under the Clothing and Equipment Regulations. The ICC, while supportive of players promoting human rights, encouraged Khawaja to continue using alternative platforms. Khawaja has also been charged by the ICC for breaching clothing and equipment regulations by wearing a black armband without permission in the first Test against Pakistan. He argued during a press conference that the armband was for personal bereavement and complied with ICC regulations. Khawaja will receive a formal warning if the charge is upheld. He had initially planned to display slogans on his boots but decided against it in compliance with ICC regulations.

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