‘I wish it sparks a desire in everyone to leap!’ – The most outstanding phone photo by Michelle Z Simmons.

The photographer aims to bring a new perspective to capturing dancers. Michelle Z Simmons, who has been a photographer for a few years, wanted to go beyond the traditional ballet shot. To achieve this, she asked ballet dancer Lucas Labrador to wear casual clothes and chose a location in downtown Roswell filled with restaurants and shops. However, the increasing traffic and crowds made the place feel messy. They eventually found a perfect spot in a back alley. Simmons grabbed some sunglasses and a hat, and they bounced ideas off each other until they captured some amazing shots.

Labrador had the final say in selecting the image as ballet dancers have specific preferences. Simmons explains that what she thinks looks good may not always meet their expectations. She adds that the shadow, opposing diagonals created by Lucas’s body and the staircase, and his extended arm and thigh are crucial elements in the photo. They create a composition that keeps the viewer’s eye moving around the image. Simmons hopes that this photo will inspire others to venture into unexpected places with unexpected companions and also ignite the desire to jump.

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