I don’t have the means to pay for professional salon blow-dries. What can I do to achieve the same style at home?

Do you have a nagging beauty question? Our expert is here to help. This week, Roberta from Cardiff is curious about how to recreate a professional hairstyle.
Until recently, attempting to achieve the sleek and polished look of a salon blow-dry at home required contorting oneself into extreme yoga positions while wielding a brush and hairdryer. Luckily, there are now numerous hair gadgets available that promise professional blow-dry results. While they may be a bit pricey, using them regularly over time will be more cost-effective than salon visits.
First and foremost, proper preparation of your hair is crucial. Make sure to thoroughly wash it, gently detangle, and apply a heat protecting spray. Using sectioning clips to divide your hair into sections before drying and styling will always yield better results.
For a super straight and sleek finish, GHD’s Duet Style hot air styler (£379) combines straightening and drying processes to minimize damage. If you prefer a classic, Sloaney blow-dried look like K-Middy, try using a hot brush with a large barrel, such as Drybar’s the Double Shot blow-dryer brush (£125), to smooth and curl the ends outward or inward.
If you want curly styles, Babyliss Curl Pods (£57) are a great choice. Simply dry your hair partially, then use the pods (which don’t require clips like heated rollers do), let them cool for as long as possible, and then shake out the curls and apply hairspray. For fine hair, use a volumizing root spray before using the curl pods. All of the aforementioned methods work for afro-textured hair, depending on the desired outcome. Additionally, the Wahl Powerpik 2 Hair Dryer (£23) has a nozzle and pik attachment that can elongate coils and detangle.

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