Houthi rebels attack US Navy ship in Red Sea, successfully intercepted by US Navy missiles.

The US Navy responded to distress calls from a container ship that was attacked twice by Houthi rebels in Yemen. In response, the USS Gravely and the USS Laboon shot down two anti-ship missiles and sank three small boats.

The container ship Maersk Hangzhou reported being struck by a missile on Saturday evening. The USS Gravely shot down two anti-ship missiles fired from Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen. Later, the Maersk Hangzhou reported being under attack from Houthi gunmen in four small boats. A security team on the ship returned fire while US Navy helicopters issued verbal warnings and fired back at the small boats.

The UK Maritime Trade Operations received a report of the incident, and the Danish shipping company Maersk confirmed the safety of the crew and the vessel’s ability to continue its journey.

This incident marks the 23rd attack on international shipping by Houthi rebels, according to Centcom. In response to the attacks, some shipping lines have suspended operations in the Red Sea.

The Houthis claim to be targeting vessels in support of Palestinians in Gaza, while the international maritime mission aims to protect trade traffic through the Red Sea.

Vice Admiral Brad Cooper stated that since the start of Operation Prosperity Guardian, no merchant ships traveling through the Red Sea region have been hit by drone or missile strikes.

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