‘Hard response guaranteed to protest’: brand-new Argentina government vows prison or gun.

President Javier Milei and his allies are preparing new security guidelines in anticipation of protests against currency devaluation. Human rights activists in Argentina have expressed concern over the crackdown on anticipated protests following the devaluation of the country’s currency by over 50% under the libertarian president Javier Milei. Protesters will be identified through various means and billed for the cost of security forces deployed to their demonstrations. The aim is to prevent disruptive protests that block city roads and highways for extended periods. Human rights groups and opposition legislators argue that these rules criminalize legitimate protests. The new protocol also allows police to seize items they deem could be used in demonstrations and limits the participation of teenagers in social protests. In response to the economic measures, protests are expected due to massive wage cuts and increased transport and tariff fees. The inflation rate has risen rapidly since the start of Milei’s administration, reaching hyperinflation levels.

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