Greater Manchester police acknowledge that the video showing an officer dragging a homeless man is deemed as ‘unacceptable’.

In a devastating video captured near Manchester town hall, a police officer from Greater Manchester was filmed dragging a homeless man in a sleeping bag across the ground. The distressing footage also shows the officer callously stepping on the man’s stomach while he was lying defenseless on the floor.

The victim, a 31-year-old man who has chosen to remain anonymous, expressed that he suffered injuries due to the officer’s actions. Recounting the incident to the BBC, he described the distressing ordeal: “I was telling her I need to sleep. But she stamped on my stomach with her foot. It caused me problems – I had a fever and in the following hours I had blood in my urine.” Despite the harm caused, he was fortunate to recover after seeking medical attention.

The Greater Manchester Police addressed the appalling conduct captured in the video, acknowledging that the officer’s actions were reprehensible and failed to meet the expected standards of behavior towards community members. A spokesperson for GMP stated, “The officer’s behaviour fell below the standard we expect, especially concerning respect for all members of the community, and the officer’s actions were dealt with.”

Following the incident, the superintendent overseeing the city center personally addressed the matter with the officer involved, emphasizing the unacceptability of the actions taken. Both the officer in question and other staff members underwent refresher training to ensure better handling of similar situations in the future.

Despite GMP’s statement, clarity on whether the officer in the video would face additional disciplinary measures remained unconfirmed, as the organization did not provide a response to inquiries from the Guardian.

The homeless man victimized in the incident hails from Sudan and has resided in the UK for three and a half years under the right to remain status. Narrating the typical routine, he mentioned that council officials usually rouse rough sleepers each morning. However, on the day of the appalling encounter, he and others declared their lack of alternative shelter options due to the cold conditions.

Shelter England, a homelessness charity, condemned the behavior witnessed in the video as a representation of the broader antagonism towards individuals experiencing homelessness. Polly Neate, the chief executive of Shelter, highlighted the grave dangers faced by those forced to sleep on the streets: “Sleeping rough is deeply unsafe with people under the constant threat of harassment and violence.”

Neate further emphasized the systemic issues contributing to rising homelessness rates, citing exorbitant rents and the government’s failure to develop an adequate number of social housing units. Consequently, more individuals find themselves without stable accommodation, with a growing proportion resorting to street homelessness.

After the distressing event, the Sudanese man at the center of the video confirmed that he received an apology from the police force and secured temporary accommodation, offering a ray of hope following the traumatic experience.

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