Grandmother reconnects with British boy found in France after six years through a video call.

Formal confirmation has been made that the individual who appeared near Toulouse is Alex Batty, a boy who had been missing since 2017. It is believed that he was abducted by his mother and grandfather at the age of 11 and has now been found in France.

The 17-year-old spoke with his grandmother through a video call, confirming his identity. The Greater Manchester police have further checks to conduct upon his return to the UK.

On Thursday, formal identification took place, confirming that the teenager is indeed Alex. The police spokesperson stated that they need to interview him and meet him in person upon his arrival.

The police will work with the Foreign Office to provide travel documents for Alex’s safe return. He is expected to arrive home within the coming weekend or early next week.

Alex disappeared in September 2017 during a holiday in Spain with his mother and grandfather. Despite extensive investigations, he remained missing until he was found in southern France this week.

Alex’s grandmother believed that her ex-partner and daughter wanted him to have an “alternative lifestyle,” leading to the abduction. Reports indicate that Alex contacted his grandmother through social media, expressing his desire to return home.

The family is relieved that Alex has been found and they are now focused on his safe return and understanding the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and time away. The investigation team is working with partner agencies and French authorities to provide support.

It has been a challenging time for Alex and his family, and they await his return home to start the process of healing and understanding.

Source: The Guardian

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