French museum takes down waxwork of Gérard Depardieu following allegations of assault

A wax figure of Gérard Depardieu, displayed at the Grévin Museum since 1981, has been removed as the actor faces renewed allegations of sexual assault.

The removal of Depardieu’s likeness comes after the museum received negative feedback from visitors and comments on social media.

Depardieu, a renowned figure in French cinema with over 200 titles to his name, is currently under investigation for alleged rape and sexual assault. He has also been accused of sexual harassment and assault by multiple women.

A recent television report, which featured footage of the actor making sexist remarks, has brought these allegations back into public attention and sparked a discussion about sexism in French cinema.

Despite denying all accusations, Depardieu’s reputation has suffered as many have distanced themselves from him. He has been stripped of honorary titles, such as honorary citizenship in a Belgian municipality and a prestigious honor from the Canadian province of Quebec.

There are even discussions about potentially revoking Depardieu’s Legion of Honour, a top award in France, due to his alleged behavior.

Depardieu’s wax figure was one of approximately 250 representations of French and international personalities at the Grévin Museum, including Zinédine Zidane, Omar Sy, Ryan Gosling, and King Charles III.

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