Francesca Jones’s top mobile photo is absolutely enchanting, in my opinion.

An image of a seven-year-old completely absorbed in a book evokes feelings of nostalgia and melancholy. During a previous visit to her brother’s flat in London, Francesca Jones brought her own reading light. Her niece, Margot, who was almost seven years old at the time, was captivated by it. As a birthday gift, Jones decided to give the reading light to Margot.
“While I was staying, Margot had a camp bed in her parents’ room. One night, she snuggled up and read to me from her book, Jasmine the Present Fairy, with the light draped around her neck. It was a truly special moment, and I managed to capture it without Margot even noticing,” Jones recalls. “If I had taken the time to retrieve my digital camera, I would have missed it. Or worse, Margot would have become aware of my presence, and the authenticity of the moment would have been lost.” In post-processing the image, Jones only slightly enhanced the saturation and lifted the shadows.
The feeling of being fully engrossed in a book is something that Jones can relate to from her own childhood. “To me, it’s almost magical,” she reflects. “Looking at the photo brings up feelings of nostalgia and a touch of sadness. It’s incredible how short childhood is and how quickly children grow up. Not long ago, I was the one reading to Margot, and now she reads to me. It may sound cliché, but becoming an auntie made me truly appreciate the passing of time.”
Jones hopes that this image serves as a reminder to cherish our time with loved ones. “We should make the most of the moments we have together,” she concludes.

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