Four individuals have been apprehended in Europe on suspicion of being involved in a Hamas terrorism conspiracy that spans across multiple borders.

According to the prosecutor, three individuals were apprehended in Germany and one in the Netherlands due to their involvement in potential attacks on Jewish institutions. The arrests are connected to an alleged cross-border terrorism plot orchestrated by Hamas, aimed at European Jewish establishments.

Additionally, three others were arrested in Denmark for related terrorism offenses. Although Danish authorities have been cautious about disclosing specific details, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen emphasized the severity of the threat.

Germany’s federal prosecutor stated that the three men detained in Berlin and the fourth arrested in Rotterdam are well-established Hamas members. They are believed to have links to the organization’s military wing and have previously been involved in Hamas operations abroad.

The prosecutor accused one of the group, identified as Abdelhamid Al A, of searching for an underground weapons cache within Europe based on orders from Hamas leaders in Lebanon as early as spring 2023. The cache, whose creation was shrouded in secrecy, was intended to be transported to Berlin and kept readily available for potential terrorist attacks on Jewish institutions in Europe.

In October, during Hamas’s deadly assault on Israel, three of the four men repeatedly traveled from Berlin to search for the weapons, with the fourth member providing assistance.

In relation to a broader investigation, Danish authorities discovered a network of individuals involved in preparing a terrorist act that spanned multiple countries.

During a meeting with EU leaders in Brussels, Prime Minister Frederiksen emphasized that the importation of conflicts from other parts of the world into Danish society, particularly concerning Israel and Gaza, is entirely unacceptable.

Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency confirmed that Danish police arrested seven individuals involved in a Hamas-orchestrated terrorist plot. Their intervention successfully thwarted an attack intended to harm innocent civilians on European soil.

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