Former UK defense secretary warns that Israel’s intense anger towards its enemies will perpetuate conflict for the next half a century.

The moral and legal authority of Israel is threatened by the Israeli government’s actions in Gaza, according to a senior Conservative MP. Ben Wallace, the former UK defence secretary, warned that the “killing rage” displayed by the Israeli government poses a danger to the country’s reputation and will perpetuate conflict for the next 50 years. In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Wallace criticized the Israeli government for obliterating large parts of Gaza and engaging in collective punishment and forced displacement of civilians, which he stated are not legitimate methods. He also condemned Israel’s current generation of politicians for their chaotic approach to crisis management. International pressure has been mounting on Israel due to the high number of civilian casualties in Gaza, with 19,000 people reportedly killed during the Israeli offensive. Both the UK and US governments have called for a sustainable ceasefire in the region. Wallace emphasized the importance of Israel’s tactics, arguing that they are eroding the country’s legal and moral authority. He suggested that Israel should adopt a more patient approach and work towards nurturing moderate Palestinian voices. In response to Wallace’s comments, an Israeli government spokesperson defended Israel’s actions and stated that they are aimed at targeting those responsible for the October 7 attack and ensuring the safety of civilians.

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