FoI data reveals that the House of Lords purchased Champagne valued at £90,000 last year.

Sales of 1,589 bottles indicate that the Lords is ‘outdated and disconnected’ during the cost of living crisis, according to the SNP.
New data reveals that almost £90,000 worth of champagne was purchased for events in the House of Lords and from its gift shop last year, the highest amount in five years.
The SNP obtained details of the sales, which equate to 1,589 bottles, and argued that this proves the Lords are “archaic and out of touch” during a time of financial hardship.
Tommy Sheppard, the SNP MP for Edinburgh East, stated, “A parliament where unelected Lords consume champagne and receive £342 per day just for attendance is not a parliament capable of effectively representing the people.”
Figures obtained through a freedom of information request showed that over the course of the year, 1,589 bottles of champagne were purchased at a total cost of £88,987, averaging about £56 per bottle. This represents a slight increase from the 2022 total when 1,580 bottles were sold at a cost of £85,462.
The SNP does not have any representatives in the House of Lords due to its opposition to the unelected second chamber.
Sheppard added, “Voters will be outraged to learn that while they struggled to make ends meet and afford necessities like food and energy, unelected Lords were indulging in champagne.”
“The past year has been defined by the cost of living crisis in Westminster, which has caused a decline in living standards and pushed numerous households into poverty and deprivation – a reality that is foreign to the Lords and their extravagant lifestyles.”
A House of Lords spokesperson stated that all alcohol, including champagne, sold in the House of Lords is done so at a profit.

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