Fiona, the isolated sheep, takes the lead in advocating against rural solitude.

A sheep known as “Britain’s loneliest sheep” was rescued from being stranded at the foot of a cliff in the Highlands of Scotland after two years. This sheep, named Fiona, is now being used to promote mental health awareness among farmers through a festive campaign.

Fiona, a three-year-old Scotch Mule cross Charollais ewe, was found sheltering in a cave near Brora on the North Sea coast. Her fleece had grown so long that it was dragging on the ground and it was planned to sell it for charity. She is currently living at Dalscone farm park in Dumfries, which is closed to the public during winter.

However, Fiona has also been enlisted in the Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution’s (RSABI) Christmas campaign against loneliness. She has been photographed alongside a sign promoting the Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs’ mental health message, “AreEweOK?”.

Ben Best, the owner of Dalscone Farm, expressed his delight in Fiona’s contribution to both raising £11,000 for RSABI and the Scottish SPCA, and spreading awareness of an important message during this time of year. Fiona’s involvement in the campaign hopes to combat the loneliness that is prevalent in the farming community.

Carol McLaren, the CEO of RSABI, emphasized the importance of the #KeepTalking campaign in addressing loneliness, especially within the farming community. McLaren stated that a small act of kindness can have a significant impact on someone who may be struggling with their mental health.

While Fiona’s participation in the mental health campaign may draw criticism from animal rights activists who wanted her to be taken to a sanctuary near Glasgow instead of being an attraction in a petting zoo, those involved assure that Fiona is settling in well and thriving in her current environment.

Robert Gordon, a spokesperson for Animal Rising, the campaign group that intended to rescue Fiona, commented on her well-being and popularity, stating, “She is the most famous animal in the world at the moment. She is doing phenomenally and is eating well and drinking well.”

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