Family honors woman who lost her life in explosion and fire in south Wales

Teams are collaborating to determine the reason behind the incident, as the woman who lost her life in a powerful explosion and fire at an industrial estate in south Wales has been identified as Danielle Evans, a 40-year-old entrepreneur and scientist.
Her family paid tribute to her, describing her as a remarkable individual. They expressed the immense void left in their hearts that can never be filled. She was not only intelligent and caring but also possessed a captivating beauty. While she had successfully established her own laboratory business named Celtic Food Labs, her priorities in life were her husband, family, dogs, and friends.
The tragic incident occurred on Wednesday evening at the Treforest industrial estate in Rhondda Cynon Taf.
According to the Celtic Food Laboratories’ website, they are an independent food testing laboratory emphasizing on microbiological tests for food and food products. The establishment was set up in February 2009 due to the absence of specialized testing laboratories in the south Wales region.
Evans’ family emphasized her fiercely loyal and loving nature as a wife and best friend. They acknowledged her ability to meet strangers and friends with a positive and infectious energy that drew people towards her. She possessed a magnetic aura that brought everyone together.
Her passions included science, camping, enjoying parties with friends, and spending quality time with her beloved family. She was also an exceptional aunt who cherished every moment spent with her nieces. Coming from a loving family, she shared an inseparable bond with her parents, brother, aunts, and uncles, and her love knew no bounds. She touched countless lives and will be greatly missed. However, the memories created with her are truly remarkable and treasured.
The explosion occurred around 7pm on Wednesday at Rizla House, a two-storey building located on Severn Road. The ground floor of the property, which accommodates a car restorer, towel supplier, and a gym, witnessed a severe explosion. The structure, originally used for the production of Rizla cigarette papers, was constructed in the 1920s and expanded in the 1940s and 50s.
Detective Superintendent Richard Jones expressed his condolences to Danielle’s family, friends, and colleagues during this challenging time. Ongoing investigations aim to determine the cause of the incident.
To aid in the investigation, South Wales Police are collaborating with the fire service and Health and Safety Executive officials. A public portal has been established for individuals to contribute mobile phone footage, CCTV recordings, or any other information that could assist in understanding the incident better. Those who possess video footage of the explosion are encouraged to submit it to the investigation team.

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