Eight individuals have been apprehended in the aftermath of a confrontation between demonstrators and law enforcement in the southern region of London.

Footage on social media suggests that individuals were seen brandishing sticks as violence erupted following a protest relating to tensions within the Eritrean community.

A clash between protesters and police occurred in south London on Saturday subsequent to the demonstration.

Videos circulated online showed protesters with sticks engaging in clashes with Metropolitan police officers and causing a disruption in traffic flow.

The Metropolitan police reported that a total of eight individuals were arrested on charges including violent disorder, criminal damage, possession of offensive weapons, and assaulting an emergency worker.

Four officers sustained injuries, with one requiring hospitalization but later being released.

A strong police presence remained at the scene on Camberwell Road throughout Saturday evening, where a gathering of approximately 50 people outside a private venue led to the outbreak of violence.

The clashes were said to have taken place near the Lighthouse Theatre.

Scotland Yard called for additional officers to provide support during the incident.

A dispersal order was implemented in the area until 7am on Sunday, granting police the authority to exclude individuals from the specified area.

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