Eddie Izzard is unsuccessful in his attempt to become the chosen Labour candidate for the Brighton position.

Eddie Izzard, a comedian and activist, had hoped to be included on the ballot after Caroline Lucas resigned as an MP. However, in her second attempt to be selected as a Labour candidate for the next general election, she was unsuccessful.

The 61-year-old, who publicly came out as transgender in 1985, sought to represent the Labour Party as the MP for Brighton Pavilion, but was defeated by Tom Gray, an activist in the music industry.

Last year, Izzard also failed to become the Labour candidate for Sheffield Central. If chosen, she had pledged to advocate for a passionate and creative education system, increase the availability of affordable housing, secure additional funding for the NHS, and champion mental health.

Caroline Lucas, the longstanding Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, intends to retire at the next election, and Labour aims to seize the seat.

Gray, a British songwriter and composer who won the Mercury prize, expressed his delight and humility at being selected as the Labour candidate. He thanked Izzard and other potential candidates for demonstrating solidarity and integrity throughout the competition via a post on X.

In January, Izzard is scheduled to perform a one-person show as Hamlet in New York for a five-week run, a decision criticized by former Brighton councillor Caroline Penn during her campaign. Penn tweeted that it is impossible to lead a parliamentary campaign while being in New York for three months performing a one-person show.

However, Izzard informed Brighton and Hove News that she would cancel her run if she were chosen as the Labour candidate and if the election were called before April. Otherwise, she stated that she would campaign remotely using Zoom and phone calls.

She stated to the paper, “From the moment I am selected, I will dedicate myself full-time to overturning the 20,000 Green majority in Brighton Pavilion and will relocate to Brighton to achieve this goal.”

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