During a storm in the North Sea, the Norwegian cruise ship MS Maud experiences a power outage.

The Norwegian cruise ship MS Maud experienced a loss of power due to a rogue wave breaking windows on the bridge while sailing in the North Sea. As a result, the ship’s navigation systems and radars are no longer functional, according to Danish authorities and the ship’s owner.

The Danish Joint Rescue Coordination Centre confirmed that all 266 passengers and 131 crew members are safe despite the incident. While the ship was approximately 200km off Denmark’s west coast and 330km off Britain’s east coast, strong winds caused the windows on the bridge to shatter, allowing water to enter and resulting in a power failure.

The MS Maud, which belongs to the cruise company HX, a unit of Norway’s Hurtigruten Group, departed from Floroe in Norway and was scheduled to reach Tilbury in the UK. The ship reported a temporary power loss caused by a rogue wave, and the condition of the ship remains stable with no reports of serious injuries.

A towage vessel from the civil rescue company Esvagt is expected to reach the ship around 2230 GMT to assist. Currently, the ship is being manually steered from the engine room but is unable to navigate. Esvagt support vessels have arrived to aid in navigation until the ship can be towed to port.

The rescue centre spokesperson reassured that there is no immediate danger to the ship, and the captain has not requested evacuation. The area is experiencing a storm with hurricane-force gusts blowing from the north-west, which is predicted to continue on Friday, as stated by the Danish Meteorological Institute.

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