DP World Tour chief asserts that the merger between PGA and LIV Golf is unavoidable.

The departing CEO of DP World Tour, Keith Pelley, believes that the unification of the PGA Tour and LIV Golf is inevitable, projecting that it may take up to a decade to materialize.

The golf world has been amidst a two-year-long civil war triggered by LIV, the Saudi-based venture offering lucrative deals to attract top talent from the traditional golfing circuits.

According to Pelley, the realization of a unified golfing front would serve the best interests of the global sport by ensuring sustained growth and escalating prize funds. He emphasized in an interview with the Sunday Times that this convergence is crucial for the future prosperity of golf.

Recent comments from Rory McIlroy paint a grim picture of a perpetually divided golf landscape if significant measures aren’t taken to foster a more cohesive global community within the sport.

McIlroy, a decorated professional golfer who had initially criticized LIV’s emergence, now advocates for a world tour model that integrates support from both “corporate America” and Saudi investments while also honoring the heritage of historic national Opens worldwide, including those in Australia and South Africa.

Pelley expressed his alignment with McIlroy’s viewpoint, praising the golfer’s candid approach and noting that McIlroy has been a pivotal figure providing valuable insights since the outset of this transformative period in professional golf.

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