Ding Junhui pockets exceptional 147 break but falls short to Ronnie O’Sullivan at the Masters.

Ding Junhui produced an outstanding performance in the Masters, scoring a maximum break, but it was Ronnie O’Sullivan who triumphed with a 6-3 win at Alexandra Palace.
Ding achieved his seventh career 147 in the seventh frame of their first-round match. Despite a challenging yellow and pink shot, Ding successfully pocketed the balls, becoming the fourth player to achieve a maximum break in this esteemed tournament, and his second time since 2007, when he was just a teenager.
Apart from Ding, Kirk Stevens in 1984 and Marco Fu nine years ago are the only other players who have achieved a 147 in the Masters.
Initially trailing O’Sullivan 4-0 during the mid-session interval, Ding seized an opportunity when the seven-time world champion missed an easy red. Ding quickly recovered, winning two frames in a row and bringing the score to 4-3.
O’Sullivan, aiming for his eighth Masters title, responded with a break of 127 and closed out the match with two subsequent visits to the table.
“Ding’s 147 was unbelievable. I could see it coming from the second or third red. He is an exceptional player,” O’Sullivan commented during an interview with the BBC.
When asked about his own performance, O’Sullivan humbly replied, “Listen, I just tried. My cueing wasn’t great. I was just trying to make things happen out there. But I gave it a shot; what else can you do, really?”
Ding struggled before the interval and was pleasantly surprised by his milestone break. “I had many opportunities at the beginning but failed to capitalize on them,” he said.
“I didn’t expect to perform that well after the break, so making a maximum break was amazing. Seeing the balls open, I thought I could attempt a maximum break because Ronnie was playing so well.”

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