Crown Prince Frederik, the one-time reveler who will assume the throne of Denmark as the future king.

A future king of Denmark, Crown Prince Frederik embodies the country’s relaxed and liberal monarchy, as his mother, Queen Margrethe, steps down after 52 years. From a rebellious teenager to a climate-conscious family man, Prince Frederik quietly champions Denmark’s efforts to address the climate crisis. While discreetly following in his mother’s footsteps, he expressed his readiness to guide the nation’s ship during a speech commemorating her 50th anniversary in 2022. With his mother’s recent announcement of abdication in early 2024, he will soon have the opportunity to lead. However, this composed demeanor contrasts greatly with his younger self. Initially uncomfortable with media attention and his destiny as king, Frederik gained confidence in his mid-20s. Initially feeling neglected by his parents, he indulged in a lavish lifestyle, earning a reputation as a spoilt party prince. This perception gradually changed when he became the first Danish royal to complete a university education, attending Aarhus University and even studying at Harvard under an assumed name. Frederik’s military training contributed significantly to his maturity and sense of duty. Serving in the navy’s Frogman Corps, he excelled in rigorous tests and participated in a skiing expedition across Greenland. Despite occasional accidents and hospitalizations, his popularity has soared, bolstered by his creation of the Royal Run, an annual fun run event across Denmark. Known for his athleticism, love for concerts, and football matches, Prince Frederik remains accessible to the public, even after assuming the throne. His meeting with his wife, Mary Donaldson, in a Sydney bar during the 2000 Olympic Games resulted in a marriage focused on providing their four children with as normal an upbringing as possible, including attending state schools. Instead of a potential revolution, historians view the couple as modern, woke advocates of pop music, modern art, and sports, carefully navigating the changing times without disrupting the monarchy’s core values.

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