Court hears that teacher was fatally injured by cow while herd roamed freely on Northumberland bridleway

A farmer has admitted to a breach of health and safety after Marian Clode, 61, was fatally injured during a hiking trip. The incident occurred when a herd of cattle, which was not controlled, charged at Clode while she was walking on a public bridleway. The farmer, Alistair Nixon, pleaded guilty on behalf of the JM Nixon partnership, and could face a fine of up to £250,000 for not having a proper plan in place to prevent such accidents. The court was informed that the farmer and his employees were moving a group of about 140 cattle along a public right of way when some of them got past Nixon and were left uncontrolled. Clode was attacked by one of these cows, sustaining a severe spinal cord injury which led to her death days later. The prosecution argued that the farmer failed to regain control of the cows in a timely manner, thus contributing to the tragic incident.

The farmer expressed his remorse and sympathy for Clode’s family and friends. The judge is expected to announce the sentence on Friday.

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