Can you let us know if you’ve recently developed an interest in darts?

We are seeking input from individuals who have recently taken up darts or have positive recollections of the game.
The ultimate showdown of the Professional Darts Corporation world championship is set to occur on Wednesday, featuring a face-off between 16-year-old Luke Littler and Luke Humphries for the coveted title.
Littler, the teenager sensation, has taken the tournament by storm by triumphing over Rob Cross, the 33-year-old reigning world champion, in the semi-finals.
According to Sky Sports viewership data, interest in darts is on the rise, with a record-breaking 1.4 million people tuning in to watch the PDC quarter-finals.
We are eager to hear from fans worldwide who have recently discovered darts or long-time enthusiasts with fond memories of the sport.
What sparked your interest in following darts in recent times? How have you found the PDC so far? What makes you passionate about this sport?
Please provide us with as many details as possible.
Sharing your contact information is helpful as it allows us to reach out for further information. Rest assured that only The Guardian will have access to these details.
If you mention the names of other individuals, please obtain their permission first.

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