British boy who disappeared during his Spanish vacation in 2017 has reportedly been located in France.

Alex Batty, an 11-year old British boy who disappeared during a family vacation to Spain in 2017, has reportedly been located in France. The boy was under the guardianship of his grandmother, Susan Caruana, when he was allegedly abducted by his mother, Melanie Batty, and grandfather, David Batty. Caruana believed that they took him in order to provide him with an “alternative lifestyle”. According to reports, Batty, now 17, was found in the town of Revel in southern France. The Greater Manchester police are in contact with French authorities to verify the information.

This incident has been a part of a complex and ongoing investigation, and further inquiries need to be made along with implementing appropriate safeguarding measures, according to a spokesperson for GMP.

After going missing during a planned vacation in M├ílaga, Caruana made a public appeal for information on Alex’s 12th birthday in 2018. She revealed that her daughter had previously lived in a commune in Morocco with Alex and wanted to offer him an alternative lifestyle. Caruana’s lifestyle and belief systems did not align with those of her ex-partner and daughter, who disagreed with mainstream schooling and preferred non-traditional methods.

Caruana, who had been taking care of Alex for three years, allowed him to go on the holiday with his mother and grandfather due to her own health issues preventing her from accompanying them.

In December 2017, a teenage boy reportedly identified as Alex Batty was seen hitchhiking in the Aude area of France. Concerned, a lorry driver who picked him up noticed that the boy seemed to have been walking for days. He decided to take him to the authorities in Haute-Garonne. The boy stated his name as Alex Batty and mentioned that he had left a community where he had been living. He had walked for several days along mountain paths before being taken into the care of French social services and eventually returning to England for medical tests. The investigation is being led by British police, according to the Toulouse prosecutor.

Although Greater Manchester police initially stated that they did not believe Alex was at risk of serious harm, Detective Sergeant Pete Morley expressed concerns about the boy’s access to healthcare and education due to the beliefs held by his mother and grandfather.

Caruana, in 2018, expressed her deep anguish over the situation and described Alex as a bright, cheerful, and affectionate child. She shared her hope that the appeal would aid in finding him.

The UK Foreign Office has confirmed that they are providing support to a British national in France and are in communication with local authorities.

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