Bristol council suggests that the issues at Barton House are not as severe as initially believed.

After conducting further surveys on the 65-year-old block, the council has announced that residents of Barton House will be allowed to return, although the exact date has not yet been determined.
About a month ago, approximately 400 tenants were urgently evacuated due to safety concerns regarding the block’s structural integrity in the event of a fire, explosion, or significant impact.
The city council now states that the issues are not as grave as initially believed and that residents will be able to move back, based on the results of the additional surveys.
While this information indicates that the building’s safety measures appear to be in place, essential work is still required to ensure Barton House is safe for residents. The extent of this work has yet to be determined, and a final report from contractors is awaited for recommendations on the necessary measures to guarantee a high level of building safety. Installation of a new communal fire alarm system, estimated to take two months, is likely to be necessary.
Although a return date cannot be confirmed at present, it is clear that residents will not be able to return before Christmas and the new year due to safety considerations.
Additionally, tenants have been informed of the need to test for legionella in the water systems of unoccupied flats over the past month. Posters have been displayed throughout the block to raise awareness of the legionella risk.
Many residents are currently staying at a Holiday Inn, where living conditions have been described as cramped and uncomfortable.
Members of the Acorn community union have requested that residents who are too afraid to move back be rehoused at the same or lower rent. They have also asked for the rooms of Holiday Inn residents to be cleaned at least three times a week and for improvements in food provision to cater to all dietary needs. Furthermore, they have called for staff to treat every resident as they would any other guest.

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