Blind Date ventures to Sydney: ‘I neglected to request her contact information. Remorse, remorse, remorse.’

Lara, a naturopath, educator and somatic therapist, aged 46, meets Claire, a software manager and SES volunteer, aged 49.


To meet the woman of my dreams and swiftly u-haul it to a coastal location.

First impressions:

Stunning smile and soulful eyes. And her shirt was cheeky and fun.

Topics of conversation:

Travel. Careers. Awareness that this life is brief and important.

Most awkward moment:

Leaving at the end, I wanted to ask for her number. While I had to be back home for the little people, I would have loved to have texted her all night.

Good table manners:

Claire suggested sharing food – which is most admirable and joyful.

Best thing about Claire:

Her self-awareness, lack of ego, energy for new opportunities, and courage.

Introduce Claire to your friends:

Yes, my friends would adore Claire.

Describe Claire in three words:

Wise, generous, playful.

Claire’s impression of you:

That I talk too much, and use my hands to exaggerate any story.

Did you go on somewhere:

We didn’t. If we’d been in our 20s we’d have moved to several destinations and danced the night away.

Did you kiss:

No! And I didn’t even ask for her number. Regrets, regrets, regrets.

If you could change one thing about the evening:

To have started earlier so we could have spent more time in conversation.

Marks out of 10:

Claire’s a 10 for sure.

Would you meet again:

I would love to see Claire again. There is so much more I would like to know.

Lara’s hope:

I was open to anything.

Lara’s first impressions:

Lovely big smile. I instantly relaxed.

Topics of conversation:

Why we chose to blind date. LGBTQ+ communities. Next year’s Sydney Mardi Gras. Family.

Most awkward moment:

I dropped an overly buttered slab of bread on to my chair. I picked it up, spreading back on the bit of butter that had flown off, and continued eating it.

Good table manners:

She was right at my level: finger-eating when needed, cutlery when necessary.

Best thing about Lara:

Her passion for LGBTQ+ community work and the values she holds.

Introduce Lara to your friends:

If I was out with my friends and bumped into Lara, I absolutely would.

Describe Lara in three words:

Confident, happy, funny.

Lara’s impression of you:

I’m usually good at reading people, but it was really hard to tell what she thought of me.

Did you go on somewhere:

We didn’t, but we stayed until last orders at the restaurant, as we both loved the food.

Did you kiss:

No. Just a friendly hug goodbye.

If you could change one thing about the evening:

That perhaps Lara would feel more comfortable to pose more questions back at me, so she could get to know me more. Possibly she felt nervous or didn’t want to pry, but I felt she knew little about me by the end of the night.

Marks out of 10:


Would you meet again:

I don’t think we will. Our parting and goodbyes felt mutual.

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