Blind date: ‘I should make an effort to reduce my use of offensive language when meeting unfamiliar individuals’

To meet the love of my life – or a couple of hours with an interesting lady.

First impressions?

Attractive, relaxed and easy to talk to.

What did you talk about?

Some politics. How the UK feels and the US appears. Relationships. We probably talked about more personal stuff than I usually do – ironic given it may end up in a national newspaper!

Most awkward moment?

I asked to exchange phone numbers. Lucy said the distance made it a no go (but she may have been being diplomatic).

Good table manners?

Absolutely. Lucy is vegan but relaxed about the steak I ordered, cooked rare.

Best thing about Lucy?

She is very easy to spend time with.

Would you introduce Lucy to your friends?

Yup. She has a great conversation repertoire and would fit in easily.

Describe Lucy in three words.

Intelligent, thoughtful, engaging.

What do you think Lucy made of you?

Possibly that I had a lifestyle that didn’t really fit with hers.

Did you go on somewhere?

Only to walk Lucy back to her car.

And … did you kiss?

Standard peck on cheek as we went our separate ways. So no!

If you could change one thing about the evening, what would it be?

Tough question. Maybe not have done as much talking and more eating!

Marks out of 10?

A solid 8.

Would you meet again?

No: we live too far apart.

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