Authorities initiate a probe into the reported kidnapping of Alex Batty.

Last week, a teenager of seventeen reappeared in southern France after going missing during a vacation in Spain when he was eleven years old.
The alleged abduction of Alex Batty, who is now seventeen years old, is being investigated by the Greater Manchester police.
Police officers have interviewed Alex, who is from Oldham, as part of their efforts to determine whether he was abducted.

In a recent interview with the Sun newspaper, Alex stated that he had been living with his mother, Melanie Batty, in Chalabre, in the Aude region of southern France.
However, he chose to leave after an argument, expressing his desire to receive a conventional education in order to pursue a career as a computer software engineer.
After his disappearance was reported by his grandmother and legal guardian, Susan Caruana, six years ago, there were suspicions that his mother and grandfather, David, had taken him to live in a spiritual community in Morocco.
It is believed that Alex has moved frequently between Spain and France, with his most recent residence being a farmhouse in France.

Alex mentioned that he left his home in France after dark, when he realized that he could no longer tolerate living with his “anti-government, anti-vax” mother.
He began contemplating leaving when he was around fourteen or fifteen years old, as he recognized that such a lifestyle would not be conducive to his future.
He discussed the lack of stability, friendships, and social life, as well as excessive work and a lack of studying, if he were to remain with his mother.

Alex was eventually picked up by Fabien Accidini, a chiropody student, near the city of Toulouse in France.
He had walked twenty-two miles in two days and initially provided French police with a false account of an extraordinary trip across the Pyrenees, in an attempt to shield his family members from potential arrest for child abduction.
However, he later admitted to lying and expressed his realization that there is a high likelihood of his mother and grandfather getting caught regardless.

Alex also shared his experience of being reunited with Caruana in Manchester, describing the rain upon his return and the heartwarming moment in which he embraced his grandmother.
Although the house has changed, he feels a sense of familiarity, noting the main difference being his growth in height since his departure.
He expressed his joy at being back home.

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