Assessing the possibility of finding love in the golden years.

Readers respond to articles on couples who found love after the age of 60 and dating advice for older individuals.

It’s unfortunate for older women in England who yearn for love (How we met after 60, 28 December). I came across stories of happy heterosexual older couples who discovered romance in various countries like Canada, the US, France, and Scotland… and even Manchester, but those were just two lucky men.

Clearly, us lonely older women in England not only have to deal with our terrible government, but we also have slim chances of finding romance to uplift us. Nonetheless, I am genuinely happy for those who were fortunate, and honestly, I am content with being a widow. This way, men I know don’t have to run away thinking I am pursuing them. However, there is definitely something missing in my life, as I find myself taking the time to write to the Guardian.

Barbara Foster (81)
Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

One suggestion not mentioned in your article (How to find the love of your life after 60: ‘Ask a friend to write your dating profile’, 1 January) is to move to North America: six out of the nine featured success stories started there.

Patrick Sheehy

My friend and I met through Guardian Soulmates four years ago, just before it closed. He is 80 and I am 83, and it was love at first sight. We discovered that we shared the same political and religious beliefs, attended the same university, and I had even taught alongside his ex-wife. It was an extraordinary meeting of minds. It felt like we had been orbiting each other for the past 20 years. We are still together – although he resides in his house and I in mine, we make an effort to see each other whenever we can. Our friends and family consider it an ideal arrangement. Thank you, Guardian.

Diana Naylor
Wivenhoe, Essex

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