As attacks intensify, 35 Ukrainian drones are reportedly brought down by Russia.

Russian airbase alleged to be one of the targets, and a Ukrainian civilian died when drone debris hit his house in Odesa.
Both Russia and Ukraine launched multiple drones at each other’s territory for the second consecutive day on Sunday. One of the drones appeared to have targeted a Russian military airport, while another resulted in the death of a Ukrainian civilian after debris from the drone collided with his house near the Black Sea.
The Russian defense ministry stated on the Telegram messaging app that at least 35 Ukrainian drones were shot down overnight across three regions in southwestern Russia.
According to a critical Russian Telegram channel, an airbase in Russia, which houses bomber aircraft used in Ukraine, was among the targeted locations. The channel posted brief videos of drones flying over low-rise housing, claiming it to be the town of Morozovsk in Russia, where Russia’s 559th bomber aviation regiment is stationed.
Vasily Golubev, the governor of Russia’s Rostov province, reported that there were “mass drone strikes” near Morozovsk and another town further west, without mentioning the airbase. Golubev stated that most of the drones were intercepted and there were no casualties, although he did not comment on any damages caused.
Additionally, Ukraine’s air force announced on Sunday morning that it had shot down 20 Shahed drones made in Iran. These drones were launched overnight by Russian troops in southern and western Ukraine. The air force also claimed to have intercepted an X-59 cruise missile launched from the Russian-occupied region in the south.
Ukraine’s military reported that a civilian was killed overnight near Odesa, a vital port in Ukraine’s southern Black Sea, when the remnants of a destroyed drone fell on his house.
The increasing number of drone attacks from both sides over the past month is a display of their determination to demonstrate that the conflict is still active, even as the war approaches its second year. On Friday evening, Russia’s defense ministry announced that its anti-aircraft units had destroyed 32 Ukrainian drones over the Crimean peninsula, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014. Ukraine’s air force, on the other hand, stated that it had shot down 30 out of 31 drones launched by Russia against 11 Ukrainian regions the previous night.
Despite a Ukrainian counteroffensive that began in June, neither side has made significant territorial gains.
Ukraine’s foreign minister has praised Germany’s shift in approach towards Ukraine’s EU membership bid.
In an interview with the Bild newspaper, Dmytro Kuleba stated that Germany’s chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has gained the “sincere and well-deserved admiration” of Ukrainians for his role in the EU’s decision to initiate membership talks with Kyiv.
Ukraine has faced strong opposition from Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, in its attempts to join the European Union, as Orbán desires to maintain close ties with Russia.
Scholz suggested during an EU summit last week that Orbán leave the room to allow the summit to proceed with accession talks with Ukraine, a proposition that the Hungarian leader agreed to.
Kuleba told the newspaper, “What German Chancellor Olaf Scholz accomplished at the summit by removing the Hungarian veto threat will be remembered in history as an act of German leadership in favor of Europe. The chancellor has gained a lot of sincere and well-deserved admiration from Ukrainians this week.”
He expressed hope that Scholz’s actions would lead to a “wider and irreversible change” in Berlin’s approach to EU negotiations with Kyiv.
Kuleba added, “When I campaigned in Berlin last May to grant Ukraine EU candidate status, my calls for Germany to take the lead in this process largely went unheard. ‘Germany does not want to lead,’ experts and politicians in Berlin told me. I am glad that German political decisions have changed since then.”

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