Anticipated flood alerts across the United Kingdom foreshadow a soggy beginning to the new year.

A “widely wet” start to the new year is anticipated for many regions, with significant precipitation expected for parts of the UK and numerous flood warnings currently active.

On Tuesday, the Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for rain and wind in large areas of England and Wales. The heaviest rainfall is expected in parts of Wales, the Midlands, eastern England, and Yorkshire, while coastal areas may experience gusts of up to 60mph, reaching 40 to 50mph elsewhere.

As the heavy rain is predicted to fall on saturated ground following recent wet weather, some travel disruptions are likely to occur.

Further rainfall is anticipated on Monday evening and overnight, followed by another period of heavy rain spreading northeastwards on Tuesday.

The Environment Agency currently has 39 flood warnings and 200 flood alerts in place for England, while Natural Resource Wales has one flood warning and 11 flood alerts for Wales. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has issued five flood alerts.

Images depict flood waters surrounding Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, where the abbey is isolated due to the rainfall.

According to Jonathan Vautrey, a meteorologist at the Met Office, “At the moment, it appears that a significant amount of rain will move across most of England and Wales, resulting in widespread wet conditions throughout Tuesday.”

Vautrey added, “Some southeastern and eastern regions of Scotland may experience slightly brighter intervals during the bank holiday, but the Northern Isles, Orkney, and Shetland will once again face very wet and windy conditions.”

Temperatures will vary between 8C and 13C from north to south, although it will feel colder due to the wind and rain.

A yellow weather warning for rain will be in effect until Tuesday at 9pm, stating that “Between 15 and 30mm of rain is expected to fall fairly widely during the warning period, with a few areas experiencing 35 to 50mm.

“The heaviest rain is anticipated to clear southwestern regions of England and southern Wales by mid-Tuesday, although it may persist into the evening in the northeastern part of the warning area. Strong winds will affect certain areas.”

According to the yellow weather warning for wind, gusts could reach up to 60mph in coastal regions and 40 to 50mph elsewhere. It will be active from 8am to 9pm on Tuesday and suggests that “very windy conditions are expected to develop rapidly” in southwestern England and southern Wales, spreading eastwards to parts of southern and central England.

The warning adds, “Coastal regions may experience gusts of up to 60mph at times, with a lower possibility of gusts reaching 70mph. Inland areas are likely to experience gusts of 40 to 50mph, with a slight chance of gusts reaching 55 to 60mph, although the extent of these gusts carries low confidence at present.”

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