Andy Burnham opposes the implementation of a clean air zone in Greater Manchester, which would impose fees on drivers.

According to the mayor of the region, increasing investment in buses and taxis would be a more effective way to reduce pollution than charging drivers to use the roads.

The mayor, Andy Burnham, presented proposals for a non-charging clean air zone that aims to significantly increase the number of electric buses in the area and provide grants to taxis. These proposals contrast with the approach taken in London, where charges for non-compliant vehicles were introduced in 2015.

While clean air charging zones have been implemented in various cities, Burnham believes that accelerating investment in public transport and upgrading taxis would lead to quicker improvements in air quality without causing hardship to residents or businesses.

The details of the non-charging plan, including investments in zero-emission electric buses, charging infrastructure upgrades, and a clean taxi fund, will be published in a report to be discussed later this month.

The Greater Manchester combined authority hopes that this plan will meet government legal requirements without jeopardizing jobs and livelihoods, but ultimately, the decision lies with the government.

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