An Indian elephant calf, who got separated from its herd, has been successfully reunited with its mother.

A photograph captured at a wildlife reserve depicts the baby elephant being cradled by his mother upon their reunion after separation.

Following the separation of the baby elephant from his mother and the herd in a wildlife park in Tamil Nadu, south India, park officials successfully brought them back together.

An aerial image taken by officials shows the mother and calf peacefully snoozing on a gentle slope, with the baby comfortably nestled against his mother’s chest, embodying a moment of complete tranquility.

The baby, who is around four to five months old, had become separated from his mother and the herd at Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Pollachi on December 29. Wildlife wardens noticed the distressed calf desperately searching for his mother.

Typically, a herd remains stationary when a calf goes missing, but in this situation, both the mother and the herd had moved approximately 2.5 miles (4km) away.

“Usually, the herd stays behind while a smaller group remains to locate the missing calf. However, in some cases, particularly when there’s a conflict between animals and humans, the herd moves away to ensure their safety. The matriarch has to choose between the well-being of the herd and that of one calf,” explained Kartick Satyanarayan, the CEO of Wildlife SOS.

After locating the separated calf a day later, drones were employed to find the position of the herd. Prior to reuniting the calf with the rest of the elephants, forest officials bathed him and applied mud on his body to reduce any lingering human scent.

“This ensures that the mother and other female elephants will welcome the calf without any worries about human influence,” added Satyanarayan.

The calf was then transported on a truck to join the herd for their long-awaited reunion.

The staff were instructed to continue monitoring the mother and calf for a few more days, and that is when they discovered the heartwarming scene of the two peacefully napping together.

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