An exasperated Indian delivery driver for food embarks on a horseback journey due to long queues for fuel.

An Indian food delivery driver frustrated by the long queues for petrol has turned to horsepower to complete his deliveries. A video clip shows the man riding a bay horse through the busy streets of Hyderabad, with the Zomato food delivery app’s distinctive red bag hanging from his back. The city experienced long queues at petrol stations and traffic jams due to a fuel shortage caused by a brief truckers’ strike.

The truck drivers were protesting against a proposed law that would impose heavy fines and 10-year jail sentences for hit-and-run incidents. After the government promised to consult the drivers before proceeding, they called off the strike.

As the Zomato rider waved to surprised onlookers, he explained why he chose the horse as his mode of transportation. In a video clip posted on social media, he said, “There was no petrol for my motorbike. I waited in the queue for three hours. I left after taking the order but couldn’t get the petrol.”

Food delivery agents in India are often seen maneuvering through congested cities, navigating traffic in their rush to deliver on time. Some food app companies have even offered 10-minute deliveries in the face of fierce competition. However, they have faced criticism for endangering the lives of the drivers by putting them under pressure, despite being aware of the chaotic and gridlocked nature of Indian roads.

The companies argue that delivery agents are not pressured as they are not informed of the 10-minute deadline. In particular, Zomato has stated that its employees are neither rewarded for on-time deliveries nor punished for late deliveries. Furthermore, Zomato plans to put a phone number on the delivery bags for people to report any instances of speeding or reckless driving.

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