All Australians aboard the Japan Airlines aircraft that caught fire have been verified as unharmed.

There were four fewer Australians on the Japan Airlines flight that burst into flames after landing than originally feared but all are safe and accounted for.

Only eight Australians were on the Japan Airlines plane rather than the 12 initially suspected.

All Australians involved in the crash are safe and accounted for, Albanese government minister Mark Butler confirmed.

“The initial advice from the airline itself and from consular officials was that there might have been up to 12 Australians on the Japanese airline plane that was involved in that crash,” he told reporters on Thursday.

“This has obviously been a terrible week for our friends in Japan with the New Year’s Day quake that has cast a very, very serious death toll in that country and then the plane crash at Haneda airport in Tokyo.”

All 379 people on board the flight escaped the burning airliner after it collided with a coast guard plane after landing at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Tuesday evening.

Australia has offered to provide any support Japan needs, the prime minister, Anthony Albanese, said.

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