Alex Batty laments that the most challenging aspect of his disappearance was the lack of access to a formal education.

Seventeen-year-old has been speaking since returning to the UK. He appeared in southern France last week after going missing on holiday in Spain aged 11

According to reports, teenager Alex Batty, who was missing for six years abroad, stated that the worst part of his absence was not receiving a proper education. Speaking to the Sun newspaper, the 17-year-old mentioned that he read the Harry Potter books multiple times during his time away and that his main activity was reading due to limited access to wifi. Alex’s grandmother expressed her heartbreak and betrayal caused by his mother and grandfather.

The Greater Manchester police (GMP) have initiated an investigation into the alleged abduction of 17-year-old Batty. He went missing while on vacation in Spain at the age of 11. As part of their efforts to determine if he was abducted, law enforcement officers have interviewed the teenager from Oldham, who was found walking in France. The news of his disappearance was reported by his grandmother and legal guardian Susan Caruana six years ago when he did not return from a planned trip. It was believed that his mother and grandfather took him to live with a spiritual community in Morocco.

Alex was eventually discovered by a chiropody student named Fabien Accidini near Toulouse, France, after having walked 22 miles (35km) over two days. Speaking to the Sun newspaper about his time abroad, the teenager mentioned his obsession with the Harry Potter books and the challenges he faced in accessing wifi to read. He also shared that he did not attend school during his time away and that his only qualifications are his Sats test results from primary school in Oldham. Not having a proper education was one of the worst aspects of his experience.

Susan Caruana, Alex’s grandmother, overheard his mother discussing getting rid of their phones and felt betrayed. For six years, she was uncertain about their wellbeing, fearing that he could be a victim each time a disaster occurred. After being taken care of by the French authorities, Alex reunited with his step-grandfather at Toulouse airport before flying back to the UK, as stated by GMP. It is believed that Alex has been living with his mother and grandfather, traveling through Spain, Morocco, and France since September 2017.

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