Al Jazeera reports that a cameraman was fatally struck by an Israeli attack on a school in Gaza.

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An Al Jazeera cameraman, Samer Abu Daqqa, lost his life in an attack, while the network’s chief correspondent in Gaza, Wael al-Dahdouh, got injured. The incident occurred during an Israeli strike on a school in Gaza where displaced people were taking shelter.

Abu Daqqa and al-Dahdouh had visited Farhana school in Khan Younis after it was previously hit by a strike earlier in the day. Unfortunately, an Israeli drone targeted the school again while they were present, as reported by Al Jazeera.

“The network holds Israel responsible for intentionally targeting and causing harm to their journalists and their families,” Al Jazeera stated in a formal announcement.

After being injured, Abu Daqqa remained unattended for over five hours, bleeding to death, as Israeli forces obstructed ambulances and rescue personnel from reaching him. This denial of emergency treatment was deeply regretted,” the network’s statement continued.

As of now, the Israeli military has not responded to any requests for comments regarding the incident.

Al-Dahdouh sustained shrapnel injuries on his upper arm but managed to reach Nasser hospital, where he received treatment for minor wounds, according to Al Jazeera’s report.

Dahdouh, who had tragically lost his wife, son, daughter, and grandson in an Israeli airstrike in October, mentioned that the Al Jazeera crew was accompanying civil defense rescuers.

“During the Israeli ground operation, we documented the devastating destruction and managed to access areas that had not been captured on camera before,” Dahdouh stated from his hospital bed.

Returning on foot since cars couldn’t access the area, Dahdouh experienced an unexpected event that knocked him to the ground. Although he was able to walk out of the area and find ambulance workers, they were unable to return to search for Abu Daqqa due to the extreme danger.

“He was desperately calling for help,” Dahdouh said, with his right arm heavily bandaged.

Dahdouh explained that subsequent efforts to safely send rescuers for Abu Daqqa were delayed. Al Jazeera reported that one ambulance attempting to reach the cameraman came under fire. Unfortunately, Abu Daqqa succumbed to his injuries.

Abu Daqqa, a resident of Khan Younis, joined Al Jazeera in June 2004, working as a cameraman and editor. He is survived by his daughter and three sons.

“Samer, through his lens, captured the unfiltered reality of life in Gaza. He was not only a highly skilled professional but also a compassionate individual who understood the power of visual storytelling.

“In his pursuit of truth, he faced immense risks to provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the human experience in Gaza,” the statement from Al Jazeera expressed.

Another Al Jazeera correspondent, Momen al-Sharafi, lost his father, mother, and 20 other family members in a previous strike earlier this month.

The Palestinian ambassador to the UN, Riyad Mansour, highlighted in a general assembly meeting on the ongoing war that journalists who could document their crimes and inform the world become targets for Israel.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Abu Daqqa is the 64th journalist to be killed since the conflict between Hamas and Israel erupted. Out of the casualties, 57 were Palestinians, four were Israelis, and three were Lebanese journalists.

The CPJ expressed alarm at the repeated attacks on Al Jazeera journalists and their families, emphasizing a concerning pattern.

The Foreign Press Association, representing numerous journalists from international news organizations, mourned the loss of Abu Daqqa, a longtime member.

“He is the first FPA member to be killed in Gaza during the war. We consider this a severe blow to the already limited freedom of the press in Gaza and urge the army to conduct a prompt investigation and provide an explanation,” the association stated in a press release.

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