After a six-year absence, Alex Batty is set to make a comeback in the UK following his mysterious disappearance while on vacation.

Alex Batty, the British teenager who went missing in 2017, was discovered in France earlier this week after being believed to have been abducted by his mother.

After six years, the 17-year-old will return to the UK on Saturday afternoon and will be reunited with his grandmother, Susan Caruana, his legal guardian.

Accompanied by several British police officers, Batty will fly from the French city of Toulouse to London.

He was found in a remote corner of south-west France and revealed to have been living in “spiritual communities” in Spain, Morocco, and France since being taken from his grandmother.

According to Antoine Leroy, the assistant public prosecutor in Toulouse, Batty had been living a “nomadic lifestyle” with his mother and grandfather.

Batty decided to return home when his mother announced her plans to move to Finland with him.

Although his mother has not yet been found and is suspected to be in Finland, Batty’s maternal grandmother expressed her joy at his homecoming.

“It’s amazing. It’s an incredible story. It’s unbelievable after all these years,” said Caruana. “I have spoken to him and he’s well.”

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