After a heavy downpour, a group of divers successfully rescued five individuals who were trapped inside a cave that had been flooded in Slovenia.

According to local media, five individuals who were trapped in a cave in Slovenia for over two days due to high water levels have been rescued.

The Cave Rescue Service’s head, Walter Zakrajsek, stated that the rescue mission became feasible after the water levels inside the cave subsided.

After an extensive rescue operation carried out by a team of six divers, the operation was successfully concluded in the afternoon.

On Saturday, a family consisting of three adults and two guides became trapped in the Krizna Jama cave in south-western Slovenia as a result of heavy rainfall.

The cave system, which measures 8km (five miles) and features a series of mesmerizing underground lakes, can only be accessed via boats, rafts, and with a guide. The group entered the cave on Saturday morning but got stranded as the water rapidly rose. By Monday, the water levels had dropped, allowing for their rescue.

The trapped individuals were found in a dry area approximately 2km inside the cave and were then brought out by the divers using a small boat.

Inside the cave, the water temperature measured 6C (42F) with extremely poor visibility.

Rescuers stated earlier that despite spending two nights inside the cave, all five individuals were in good health. Over the weekend, divers provided them with a heated tent, food, and clothing.

Slovenia boasts more than 14,000 caves, and Krizna Jama ranks as the fourth-largest known underground ecosystem in the world.

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