According to the court, the man accused of the murder of Beshenivsky managed to avoid being caught by authorities for a period of 17 years.

Piran Ditta Khan stands trial at Leeds crown court for the death of a police officer during a robbery in Bradford in 2005. The alleged mastermind of the armed robbery managed to avoid capture for nearly two decades and was finally extradited from Pakistan, according to prosecutors.
PC Sharon Beshenivsky was fatally shot while responding to a robbery at the Universal Express travel agency in Bradford on November 18, 2005. Her colleague, PC Teresa Milburn, was also seriously injured in the incident.
During the trial, it was revealed that Khan, now 75, fled to Pakistan two months after the murder to avoid arrest. He was eventually located by the police and brought back to the UK in April of last year.
Prosecutors stated that Khan was the only member of the seven-man robbery gang who was familiar with Bradford and had made multiple money transfers at Universal Express prior to the incident. They also claimed that Khan knew the premises held significant amounts of cash because he had used their services to send money to Pakistan before.
Although Khan did not physically participate in the robbery or the shooting, the prosecution argued that his role was crucial and that he should be held responsible for PC Beshenivsky’s murder.
The jury was shown CCTV footage of the moment the officers were shot outside the travel agency. One of the robbers pointed his gun at Beshenivsky and opened fire, then turned to shoot Milburn as well.
Prior to fleeing to Pakistan, Khan had a settled life in England and Scotland, even starting a food company and planning to open a takeaway in Aberdeen. However, he abruptly left everything behind when he believed the police were closing in on him.
In October of last year, Khan pleaded guilty to robbery but denied any involvement in the murder or possession of firearms. The trial is ongoing.

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